PO Box 569
Park Rapids, MN 56470
(218) 564-4591


  1. With the Memorial Grounds now open, WHAT'S NEXT?
    We are now soliciting contributions with which to build a structure where the theater, museum and interpretive center will be located.

  2. What is an "in-kind" contribution?
    An in-kind contribution is a gift of labor and love with equipment, time, materials, and such. Some people are able to provide trucks, grading equipment and material. These contributions are all important, and greatly appreciated

  3. What can I do?
    You can give a cash contribution, buy one of our sidewalk pavers, or even purchase a bench to honor a veteran (living or deceased). Wartime Veterans and defense workers can become a PART of the memorial by arranging to have an audio/video interview conducted which will become part of the multi-media library that will be used in the interpretive center. Our Veteran's Voices Program is just getting off the ground at this time.

  4. How do we get in touch with you?
    Call Willie at (218) 564-4591, Glenys at (218) 732-4398, Doc at (218) 579-0446, or look us up on the Internet at http://www.allvetmemorial.com for even more numbers. Our mailing address is as stated above.